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Written by Karey Meisner

Hi Everyone. In this uncertain and rapidly changing environs due to Covid-19, I wanted to acknowledge the stress and/or anxiety this may trigger. With the goverment announcement of Level 4 Alert to take effect on Wednesday, March 25th, we will all be in islolation. However, the majority of us still have access to the outside world via our devices. If you are like me, the need for information is important. And if you are like me, I tend to use multiple sources including: government websites (e.g.,Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education), company websites (e.g., Air New Zealand etc), social media (e.g., Instagram, FaceBook) main stream media (e.g., Stuff, Radio NZ) and alternative media (e.g., YouTube). Please - and this is as much a reminder to myself as anyone else - watch the amount and the quality of your sources. There are some sources that can amplify our feeling of anxiety/fear. Take care of yourselves!