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Written by Karey Meisner

Amy Morgan and Anthony Jorm's research at Melbourne University is focused on developing the community's capacity to use self-help stategies to address mental health concerns. They have reviewed all the self-help strategies related to the early signs of depressions and have found...

that distraction, exercise, humour, music, negative air ionization, and singing can all have immediate benefits. For longer term effects, autogenic training, light therapy, omega 3 fatty acids, pets, and prayer can be potentially helpful. For more serious depression (i.e., disorders): s-adenosylmethionine, St Johns wort, bibliotherapy, computerised intervention, distraction (focusing on neutral/positive thoughts), exercise, relaxation techniques, pleasent acivities, and light therapy are the self-help strategies with the best evidence of efficacy (Morgan & Jorm, 2008).      timthumba4morganimages